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Monday, August 9, 2010

Bandit on a custom chopper...

Our dog Bandit bookin' down the road on a cool Fall evening astride his custom chopper. I added a winter background, some lights and a bag of toys and used this one for the Xmas cards we send out. Every year, Bandit is on a different bike for the cards. FTR...the real Bandit is a Shiba Inu.


  1. Adorning these motorcycles with flashy colors and other types of fancy bells and whistles have turned them into show pieces rather than
    pleasure-riding machines.

    1. In reality, I couldn't agree more. This was for a Xmas card we sent out every year and I changed what Bandit rode each year. He has been on everything from bobber to trike. On this particular bike, I wanted something really colorful and different. Also, while the seat is low so he can put his feet down, he needs those long bars for control. The front end rake is kicked out a little but forks aren't overly extended. Rear end has single shock under seat and he's has floorboards so he's pretty comfortable and ride is not that harsh. That said, it's definitely not a tourer. Thanks for your comment. PJ