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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Quick triva on BAA3...

A quick piece of trivia on BAA3. Ban-Tam, the custom bike builder who's shop is the starting point of the ride, was inspired by custom-bike builder Shinya Kimura and his partner Ayu. It came from a conversation Lin and I had with them on the meaning of the name of their shop Chabott Engineering. FTR, Shinya is has hospitable as Ban-Tam is with visitors to his shop.


Hey Everyone,

Sorry about the absence. Between the Holidays, new political book, winter (yechh) and working on projects., I've been pretty busy.

I'll be at the NYC MC show at the Javits Center this Saturday and next weekend will be stopping by the Boston MC show. Look for guy with grey beard and Bikers are Animals shirt.

Did an interview with Good Time Charlie Brechtel at Go to YouTube and type in Paul Jamiol and check it out. I will post it here soon. Charlie's a class act and has been great to us. Any resemblance to GT Charlie, our riding muskrat in Book 2 is intentional. Next week I'll be doing an interview with Ed Kuhlenkamp and the crew over at

Bike is away for the winter but I did manage to get in a couple of December rides.

No New Years resolutions but I am planning to do more photography. Really enjoy plus I got a couple of manual lenses I want to play around with. Lin got me a nice German oldie for Xmas and it takes beautiful pics. Will be shooting MC's but also some other things.

And on the Bikers are Animals upcoming books...I'll start number 4 mid-year. Tenatively
the title is Bikers are Animals 4 - Working and Playing. I'm having the critters' young ones show what the older critters do for work and what and where they ride. They'll be a bunch of young critters to introduce them starting with a pint-size Talon (haven't named him yet.) It'll be fun to do and maybe show a little more on how we bikers ain't all that bad.

I'll post some New York pics next week. In the mean time...keep the rubber side down...P