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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Next up...

Jake ©
Next up is Jake. Having a riding muskrat for a dad (GT Charlie) means Jake gets to go on rides to some pretty cool places.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

A live animal for a change...

Photographed this cheetah at the National Zoo in DC a couple of weeks ago. Used my Pentax K7 with an aluminum A. Schacht Ulm Travenor 135mm lens. Made in Germany back in late '50's, it's pretty sweet lens. Pretty cool cheetah too. Click on pic to see it larger.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Check out these bikers...

In all my years of riding (40+), I've seen the good that bikers do with events to help others and raise awareness for a multitude of causes. Recently I found a group that has really impressed me for what they are doing and, as a biker and author, it makes it even better. The group is Bikers for Books out of Saint Johns, Michigan. They are reaching out to kids about the power of reading. Check out their FB page at

Show your support to some great bikers who are walking the walk with their effort to get kids reading. PJ

Rough of...

A rough of Leenah and Purl on the road. Again, like all the roughs, this is close crop teaser.

Our latest critter...

Purl ©
Our latest critter is Purl. Her mom is Leenah the racoon from BAA2. This little one loves her mom and loves going down the open road together with her on the bike.