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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The final...


Here she is, the final young critter for the Bikers are Animals 4 - Working and Riding. Her name is Maggie and her dad is Slick the dresser riding elephant from Book one.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The cover...

Here it is folks...the cover of Bikers are Animals 4 - Working and Riding. Sketch has called it a day at his shop, he's hung the "gone riding" sign and he and Max are headed out for an all day ride. The weather is perfect so it's time to twist the throttle and leave the work world behind!

I said 3 but...

I said 3 more characters after Cole but it's actually two. This is Max who is one of those two to go. Which means I've got one more character to do and it means we've created 16 new characters that will be in BAA 4...whew...glad it's coming down to the wire.

As to Max, he's the son of Sketch. He really thinks the world of his dad and when it's time to ride he's raring to go. Max and his dad are also on the cover of BAA4 which you'll see in next post.