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Saturday, August 7, 2010

First Review...

Motorcycling cartoonist Paul Jamiol has done it again with “Bikers Are Animals 2,” a sequel to his “Bikers Are Animals” published in July, 2009. Sub-titled “The Rest of the Crew,” Jamiol brings us another dozen endearing creatures who like to ride motorcycles, including Classik, a coyote who loves antique motorcycles, and Craig, an alligator who would rather ride than hang around a hot swamp all day. As with the first “Animals,” there is a coloring section with all the characters in line art. Jamiol's basic message is one of inclusiveness, joy, and the absence of prejudice. Every motorcyclist with small children or grandkids should gift them this book. It is fun and character-building in an entertaining way that children can enjoy. To read our review of Jamiol's first “Animals” book, go to Motohistory News & Views 7/10/2009.
Thanks Ed!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Radio/Book Promo

© 2010 Paul Jamiol
Biker Lowdown Radio and Bikers are Animals promo

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A close up...

© 2010 Paul Jamiol
A close up of the XX Cycles bike...sweeet!

Bad Ass...

© 2010 Paul Jamiol
Built by Eddie Gillies and Don Cardinal of XX Cycles, MA. These guys are true craftsman and think outside the box. This bike started out with '68 Sportster cases and ended up with what you see here. It features XR1000 heads, machined cylinders, 5-speed H-D tranny, custom made frame, dual carbs, oil in frame and the list goes on. It's reminiscent of the early Vincent Rapides aka the "Plumbers Nightmare". Eddie says there is a Phil Vincent influence in his subconscious. Eddie and Don's only building guidelines chrome, no extended front ends and no hard tails. They build some really nice bikes.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

1967 Velocette Venom 500cc Single

© 2010 Paul Jamiol
I drew this a few years back for my Classic Motorcycle Calendar. Love the pipes on the Velos.

Yours truly...

© 2010 Paul Jamiol
Yours truly and Anvil from BaA2. Just playing around with ideas at the drawing board/computer. FTR...I'm the one on the left.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another view...

© 2010 Paul Jamiol

Another view of the Cali trike. Pictures do it no justice. Workmanship was superb. One of the better trikes I've ever seen.

Cali trike...

© 2010 Paul Jamiol
We saw this trike at the 2010 LA Calendar Motorcycle Show & Calendar Girl Music Festival a couple of weeks ago in Long Beach, CA. Nice trike, nice venue, nice show and great day.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sneak preview...

© 2010 Paul Jamiol
A sneak preview of one of the new characters from Bikers are Animals 2 - The Rest of the Crew. GT Charlie is one hard ridin' muskrat.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


This is from my good friend Ed Youngblood's website, Ed Youngblood's MotoHistory -

This motorcycle is absolutely stunning...

Recently at the AMCA Rhinebeck Meet, Frank Westfall showed off his fully-restored Ray Courtney Henderson. It is an absolute eye-popper; a bike that could capture best-in-show at any concours or custom bike meet today, despite the fact that it was constructed by Courtney in the 1930s. To see excellent images of this beautiful machine at BikeEfix, click here. Westfall also owns the Courtney-created “Enterprise,” another futuristic motorcycle powered by an Indian engine. For pictures of the Enterprise, click here. For more about Courtney, click here.

Went through some old pics...

Went though some old pics the other day to find these for a friend. I did this for the opening of the AMA's Motorcycle Heritage Museum in Westerville, OH back in 1990. It was 40' long. The exhibit was called "Women in Motorcycling" and featured my pencil drawings of some pretty cool women and their accomplishments in the world of motorcycling. It was fun and an honor to do.