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Sunday, June 30, 2013

To Press...

The finished book went out Fed Ex to the publisher late Friday. Now it's wait for proofs and if all goes well Bikers are Animals 4 - Working and Riding will be in our hands by October.

It was really strange waking up over the weekend and not have to draw the critters, Feel like they've gone for a ride and left me behind. So I'll be catching them on the flip side in October...Can't wait!


  1. P.J.

    CONGRATULATIONS !!!!....Looks like the best one yet,we're anxious to see it......why OVER THREE MONTHS at the printers ?....sounds like a lot of time in our super fast technology world.....

    Inquiring minds want to know......Thanks

  2. Bill,

    Thanks on the congrats! Three months is pretty much the norm for publishing books. There are proofs to go over, marketing materials to make and writers in front of us. That said the way we laid it out could help get it out in late September...I'm hoping.

    It would have been finished sooner but my creative director and technical adviser were relentless on making sure I got it!