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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bikers are Animals tattoos?...Only for adults and only at...

Bill Thomas and Paul (PJ) Jamiol

Bill's Shop
I've been asked if anyone can get a tattoo of the critters in my books. The answer is yes with two caveats...first, as long as the "about to be tattooed" is of age and can legally get one. We do not under any circumstances condone under-age youngsters getting tattoos (we may have stick-ons for the younger set in the future.)

The second is a very important caveat. These images are copyrighted and the only tattooist that has my permission to use these characters is my good friend Bill Thomas of Rosebud Tattoo in Sanford, ME.

Bill is a serious motorcyclist and has been around the motorcycle world as long as I have. He knows his stuff and has been a sounding board on the BAA books. I respect both his opinion and his art. Bill has inked me 8 times. So there you have it. Want a official "Bikers are Animals" tattoo?...go to Rosebud Tattoo in Sanford, ME and see Bill. His website is

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