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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My favorite at Old Orchard Beach ME car show...

©2010 Paul Jamiol
My favorite at the Old Orchard Beach custom car show...Chopped 1935 Ford 3-window coupe. Beautiful lines, cool fender clean with great lines.


  1. This coupe is a real show stopper! The roof and the crown are always very tough to do, especially if you want to make it look stretched yet stocked at the same time, but this one is nothing like a drop down model. Were you able to find out where the parts originally came from? -->Nicole

  2. This is what’s great about attending a car show. You’ll definitely see a lot of gorgeous cars and probably, you’re only gonna see these vehicles on such events. For me, activities like this are like once-in-a-lifetime events so I really make sure that I don’t miss any when they come to town.

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